Over 70% of HR leaders increased salaries and flexible work arrangements in order to attract and retain employees this year. During open enrollment, HR leaders and benefits brokers need strategies to invest in employees while also driving savings as budgets tighten. HSAs are an often misunderstood resource that can benefit both employees and employers.

Access Lively's on-demand webinar to learn how to take advantage of HSAs in order to increase benefits adoption, improve employee financial security, and save on payroll taxes.

This webinar will cover how the right HSA partner can:
• Add money to employees’ pockets without the tax burden
• Relieve the administrative burden on your team and increase benefits adoption
• Give you a competitive advantage for employee recruiting and retention

Featured Speaker

Chad Benoit
Head of Mid-Market Sales at Lively

Chad Benoit is Head of Mid-Market Sales at Lively. Prior to Lively, Chad was part of the Sales Leadership team at Gusto in San Francisco (formerly ZenPayroll, over $500m raised in venture capital), a cloud-based solution for payroll, benefits, and HR. Chad was the first direct sales hire at Gusto and helped build their Small Business Sales teams, as well as their Broker Sales teams. In addition, Chad built Gusto’s sales training program for all new sales hires, and he is trained in the Sandler Sales Methodology. Chad holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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